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What to Put in a Damn Living Will?

by suntech

So, you’re thinking about making a living will? Good for you, fam. It’s always smart to plan ahead and have your shit together. But hold up, before you start scribbling down some random stuff on a piece of paper, let me break it down for ya.

The Lowdown on Living Wills

Aight, first things first. A living will is like an instruction manual for when you can’t speak up for yourself anymore. You know, when shit hits the fan and you’re lying there all helpless-like. It’s basically your way of telling people what medical treatments or interventions you want or don’t want.

Now listen up closely ’cause this part is important: your living will should be as clear as day so that even someone with zero brain cells can understand it (no offense). Use simple language and avoid any fancy-ass medical jargon that’ll make everyone scratch their heads.

Put Your Preferences Front and Center

In this section of your masterpiece – I mean living will – spell out exactly what kind of treatment floats your boat and which ones make you wanna run for the hills. For example, if being hooked up to machines makes ya cringe like crazy, then say it loud and proud! Ain’t nobody got time for unnecessary suffering.

You might also wanna think about specific situations where decisions need to be made. Like if there’s no hope in hell of recovery or if doctors are just keeping ya alive by pumping air into those lungs without any real chance of improvement – yeah girl, put that in writing too!

Name Your Decision-Makers

This part is crucial because we all know family drama can get messier than a plate fulla spaghetti. So, choose someone you trust with your life to make those tough calls when you can’t. It could be your ride-or-die bestie or even a sibling who’s got their shit together (unlike the rest of us).

But remember, don’t just assume they’ll know what to do. Sit down with ’em and have a real talk about your wishes so there ain’t no surprises later on. And if they’re not up for the task, find someone else who won’t bail on ya when things get rough.

Wrap It Up Like a Boss

Last but not least, wrap that living will up like it’s nobody’s business! Sign it in front of witnesses who aren’t blind as bats and make sure they sign too – we don’t want any legal battles over here.

Keep copies of this masterpiece in safe places where people can actually find ’em when needed. Don’t go hiding it under piles of dirty laundry or burying it in the backyard like some treasure hunt clue.

In Conclusion

So there you have it, folks! Making a living will might sound morbid AF, but trust me, it’s one helluva responsible move. Just remember to keep it simple and clear so everyone knows exactly what you want (or don’t want) when push comes to shove.

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