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How much should I give to charity? A compassionate guide for budgeting

by suntech

Finding the balance between giving and personal finances

In dis world we dey live, e good make we show compassion and help others wen need am. But as dem talk say “charity begin from house,” na important tin to find di right balance between how much you fit give and wetin remain for your own pocket. No be every pesin get di same financial capacity, so make we look some tips on how you go take decide how much of your budget suppose go to charity.

Prioritizing your needs before giving back

No mata as you wan helep people, e still important make you put yourself first. You no fit helep odas if you no dey okay financially. So before you even consider how much money suppose go to charity, check ya own expenses and see wetin remain afta all ya bills don pay. Make sure say you cover all necessary things like rent, food, medical care, and any oda essential costs before deciding on a specific amount for charity.

The 10% rule: A guideline for generous hearts

If yu wan follow one popular guideline wen many pipo use na di 10% rule – dis mean say yu fit dedicate 10% of ya income or monthly budget towards charitable causes. E good because e allow pesin contribute without feeling overwhelmed or depriving themselves of basic necessities. For example, if yu earn $1000 per month or spend $500 on expenses each month, den yu fit set aside $50 as donation money.

Considerations based on personal circumstances

E dey important also make pesin consider im personal circumstances before deciding how much to give. If yu get family members or dependents wen dey rely on you financially, e go make sense to reduce di percentage of your budget wey suppose go to charity. You fit also consider any oda financial goals like saving for education, buying a house, or starting a business. No be say you no wan helep people, but na important tin to balance ya own needs with the desire to give back.


In conclusion, as we dey think about how much money suppose go towards charity from our budgets, make we remember say compassion and generosity na good tins. But e still important make we prioritize our own well-being and financial stability first. By finding di right balance between giving and personal finances based on individual circumstances and using guidelines like di 10% rule, we fit contribute meaningfully without jeopardizing our own livelihoods.

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